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WICHITA, KS (October 2, 2018) — Studio 54 Pilates & More is opening a second location on the east side of Wichita. The studio will hold a soft open on Monday, October 15th and a grand opening event on Friday, November 2nd from 4:00 – 8:00pm with prizes, demonstrations, and refreshments. The new studio is located at 214 S. Rock Road, #105, between Kellogg Dr. and Douglas Ave., across from Towne East Mall.

Studio 54 Pilates & More is a fully-equipped boutique Pilates studio that specializes in teaching Pilates to clients and has an internationally accredited Pilates program with a master trainer to teach students who want to become instructors.

Owner Amie Ross left a successful career in hotel management to pursue her passion for helping others live a healthy and pain-free life.

“I was in a severe car wreck in 1997 that left me in chronic pain for 10 years with permanent degenerative frontal lobe brain damage and taking high doses of pain medication,” said Ross. “When I found Pilates, I was able to strengthen my body and improve my balance so that I could live and move pain free.”

In 2009, Ross embarked on a journey to become a Pilates instructor with the ultimate goal of opening her own studio. She has since become a Pilates master trainer and has earned numerous certifications. In 2014, she opened Studio 54 Pilates & More’s first location on the west side of Wichita.

“I was a prisoner of my body until I found Pilates, and it gave me freedom,” said Ross. “I also lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. Now I am paying it forward, helping other people live pain-free and teaching people to become instructors.”

The mission of Studio 54 Pilates & More is to be a leading force for health improvement by providing top-quality Pilates instruction, wellness education, and fitness training to develop vitality and improve wellness of mind and body through movement.


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Sports Center Teacher Training Starts Tuesday March 6!

Increase your rates with certification! Day and evening classes are available! To learn more or to register, visit:

Pilates Teacher Training

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Health Success Story: Amie Ross – Studio 54 Pilates & More

If you’re looking for an inspirational weight loss and health success story, keep reading…



Below are all the reasons why Amie Ross, Owner of Studio 54 Pilates & More is so passionate about paying it forward and helping others improve their health, and quality of life.  Pilates put Amie back together again after a devastating car wreck left her body broken and in chronic pain for 10 years.  She likes to say she was humpty dumpty and Pilates put her back together again.  🙂

Pilates has amazing health benefits, that are sometimes difficult to explain, we get questions all the time, from prospective new clients who are sometimes quite afraid of exercise due to past injuries, accidents, or health issues, but if you’re willing to do the work, the rewards are there.

With patience, and practice, by  learning to listen to your body, and treat it with care, and ensuring you have safe and appropriate exercises in your weekly workouts, you can  build confidence, strength, flexibility, and fitness.  Amie’s amazing results speak for themselves, she is truly an inspiration for weight loss, lifestyle change, and better health.  When you put your mind and body into action, just look at what can be achieved.

Whether you are healthy, or health-challenged, we hope you enjoy learning more about Amie’s health success story. Let her be an inspiration to you to do whatever it takes to achieve health and vitality – mind, body, and spirit.

Amie Ross – My Health Success Story:

People have asked, why the name Studio 54 Pilates & More?  It reflects and respects our journey, the road we travel.  I was born in Greensburg, Kansas, graduated moved to Hutchinson, KS.  Became a Hotel General Manager and lived and Managed properties all over.  Hutchinson, KS, Dodge City, Garden City, Columbia, MO; Storm Lake, IA, Wichita, KS, Sherman, TX.  My parents home was and is one mile north of highway 54 and many years and journeys later, I opened my Studio just one mile north of highway 54.

My husband and I were living in Sherman, TX when the Greensburg Tornado of 2007 happened, and I was helping to open a resort property in Storm Lake Iowa at the time.  It was this “tragedy” that brought us back to Kansas, Wichita specifically.  I accepted the position of General Manager and Opened a new property here in Wichita.  Out of such a travesty a HUGE blessing came.  When we moved to Wichita it was the first time we lived somewhere that had a Pilates studio, my life changed forever thanks to that.  I now get to live pain free and help others live pain free.  I have also gone back to school and become a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor and Pilates Sports Center Master Trainer.  Pay it forward is the motto I now get to live and it is amazing!

For fun, this photo is a side by side comparison of my “before” and “after.”

For those questions, can Pilates help with …? The answer is always yes.

Here is a little list of  all the issues that Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has helped me with:

  • Frontal Lobe brain damage – degenerative and mimics early on-set Alzheimer’s with ADHD
  • Osteoarthritis throughout my entire spine
  • Disc Degeneration throughout my entire spine – I went from 5’8″ down to 5’6″ (I am now 5’7″)
  • Sheared the spinous processes of my neck and broke C4 & C5
  • Severe Nerve and Neurological damage to the muscles
  • Several Pinched nerves and slipped discs
  • Tore & Stretched the tendons and ligaments on the front of my neck
  • Tore my upper trap
  • Tore my rotator cuff
  • Partially tore my labrum
  • Dislocated my left shoulder
  • Dislocated my right hip
  • Scoliosis throughout my lumbar spine
  • Hyper – Lordosis
  • Rotated and tilted pelvis
  • Rotated ribcage
  • Torn Hamstring
  • SI joint issues from a broken tail bone and scolosis
  • Knocked Knees
  • Osteoarthritis in my left shoulder and both hips
  • Thoracic spine fused itself to try and stabilize the lumbar and neck “issues”
  • Atrophy of the Lumbar muscles
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Type II Diabetis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Endometriosis
  • Depression

Here’s the good news – four years ago I could (granted not well, but COULD) hit a tennis ball with a racket. I’ve regained one inch back in my height, am now 5’7″. Approximately 6 years ago I could read an entire book. My brain damage appears to be getting better not worse, I do not expect to ever be where I was, but I have learned to be grateful for where I am. I have earned this place.

Oh yea, and look at the healthy me, I’ve lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 8 years!! Feeling great AND it shows!!  Don’t put your health on hold, everyone can do Pilates and YOU can enjoy health success too!

***If you’re interested in getting your vitality back (or want to be sure you can maintain it), now is a great time to get started with Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Contact Amie Today at Studio 54 Pilates & More (316) 265-9700 for information about our private and group training programs.

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Studio 54 is celebrating our Birthday with New Classes & Sales!


Join the Party!  We have 3 ways to celebrate our Birthday!

Choose one, two, or ALL three!

  1. Beginner Pilates Group Classes start Monday September 26th.  Class times are M/W 6:30 pm; T/Th 5:00 pm; & Sat 10 am
  2. New Clients can purchase a package of 6 private Pilates lessons with Amie or Mary Ann for 1/2 price, during our birthday week.  Must be purchased September 24th – 30th ONLY. *Packages expire 3 months from purchase date.
  3. Beginner Pilates mat class series of 10.  Series begins Saturday the 24th of September at 9 am, classes will be every Saturday at 9 am with November the 26th being the final class.

*Beginner Pilates Group series of 13 classes is $390/$30 per class

6 1/2 price Private lessons with Amie is $255; Mary Ann is $225

Mat class series is $150


Can’t wait to see you in class!


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Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Open House

Pilates Sports Center has the Cutting Edge Approach to Pilates Teacher Training

PSC teaches a contemporary approach to the method developed by Pilates in the 1920’s; one that preserves the essence of the original technique but incorporates today’s knowledge and principals.  Small class sizes with review and anatomy provided.

Students will learn the Classical and Progressive approach to Pilates all in one program using a beautiful, organized photographic manual.  Our instructors are successful, sought after and return to us for continued workshops year after year.

With a chiropractor and professional dancer at the helm, Pilates Sports Center’s philosophies incorporate neutral spine, that is, maintaining the natural curves of the spine in order to strengthen the back. We merge both the classical and progressive styles of Pilates.

Pilates Teacher Training Open House, 2 pm at Studio 54 Pilates & More on August 06, 2016.

Learn about Pilates Sports Center, what it takes to become a Pilates teacher, and how to enroll in a comprehensive internationally accredited program.

Join us, see our beautiful studio, and meet our Master Instructor.

Studio 54 Pilates & More – 2 to 4 pm – Saturday August 06, 2016

9099 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS  67212

Call 316-265-9700 – Text 620-200-0815


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New Classes, Big Sales, & PSC Trainings

Check out our latest Studio 54 Pilates & More News Letter.

Exciting Sales, New Beginner Classes, and the latest on our Pilates Teacher Training!

Stay up to date with Pilates on the West Side of Wichita at Studio 54!

Fix for Social Medial of July 05 2016_edited


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Beginner Pilates Classes

It is “Pop-Up” Mania here!  We are adding some Beginner Pilates Classes to our Group Class Schedule.

This can be a great way to get started if you are injury free and ready to take the plunge with Pilates and a fully comprehensively trained instructor.

We keep our classes small, with a maximum of only 5 people per class.  So our instructors can keep their eyes on you, give you specific cues and hands on to help with your form and keep you safe.

Our classes are on the Pilates equipment, reformers, SpringBoards, chairs, Orbitz, and start with fundamentals to help you make deeper connections and build amazing strength.

Our group classes can be purchased individually for only $40 each or in packages for a discount. A package of 5 group classes would be $36 each and a package of 13 group classes would be only $30 each.

There is never a monthly fee. Once you have used all of your classes is when you purchase your next package.

We would love to have you in for a complimentary tour and consultation. You can call the studio at 316-265-9700, email Amie at or text Amie at 620-200-0815.

Make today amazing!  🙂

Beginner Pilates Classes July 2016.11

Beginner Class Schedule:

Mondays – 8:30 am & 5:30 pm

Tuesdays – 9:00 am & 5:00 pm

Wednesdays – 8:30 am & 5:30 pm

Thursdays – 9:00 am & 5:00 pm

Fridays – 8:30 am & 4:30 pm

Saturdays – 10:00 am

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July New Client Pop-Up Special!

It’s so hot outside Mary Ann has decided to run a special!  For the month of July 2016, New Clients can purchase 6 private Pilates lessons with Mary Ann for 1/2 price!

It has been so hot and muggy outside already, we have hit triple digits, had flooding and it is barely July.  Bring your workout inside where we keep our temperature at 71 degrees, here at Studio 54 Pilates & More!

Call the Studio at 316-265-9700 to take advantage of this special offer!

*Must be purchased by July 30th 2016

*One package per person, New Clients Only, All packages expire 3 months from purchase date.


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Celebrate July 4th with Studio 54 Pilates & More

Join us this Independence Day as we celebrate our bodies Independence from Aches and Pains by doing what we love, and what brought us our Independence… PILATES!! & More 🙂

We will start with a Pilates Reformer class at 8:3o am, then for FUN and to burn some serious holiday calories a FXP® Fitness Hula Hoop® class at 9:30 am, followed by a Pilates Spring Board class at 10:30 am!

Enjoy the 4th at Studio 54 Pilates & More!



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Pilates Teacher Training Open House

PSC Teacher Training Open House

PSC Teacher Training Open House

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